About us

Welcome to Casamed. A virtual platform for mobility related disorders.

Developed by some of the best medical and technical minds in the country, Casamed aims at harnessing technology to provide effective and efficient physiotherapy solutions for people struggling with or working towards preventing mobility disorders, which occurred due to chronic ailments, trauma or sports injury. With its cutting edge technology, Casamed delivers rehabilitation at your doorstep, saving the hassle and discomfort of repeated visits to the physiotherapist by summoning the best doctors and physiotherapist at your fingertips.

 We at Casamed pride ourselves in being an extremely customer centric organization. Our mission is to ensure that all our customers are relieved of the pain and discomfort that comes with musculoskeletal disorders and lead a healthier life. With this mission in mind we will always strive to bring the best to you and ensure an unparalleled customer experience, earning the faith that you have placed in us.

Committed towards a healthier tomorrow

Our Vision

Easy access to the highest quality of virtual physiotherapy for all


Our Mission


Casamed works relentlessly to apply cutting edge technologies to physiotherapy.so as to transform physiotherapy into a fruitful and relieving experience for all our customers by  working  around the taboo and hopelessness that accompanies traditional methods of physiotherapy with our strong patient centric values and our refined technological prowess.


How we Work

  • Diagnose your ailment
  • Recommend Rehab Plan
  • Guide you in therapy
  • Assess your performance
  • Monitor your recovery
  • Offer Expert Advice and Consultation

Casamed Values

  • Customer centricity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

Key Tenets of the Casamed Philosophy

Transforming physiotherapy through technology
  • Technology driven physiotherapy solutions for a revolutionary change in the way physiotherapy is practised.
  • Incorporating innovation with excellence to always do better than the best.
All power to our customers
  • Customers have full control of their journey to recovery from diagnosis to monitoring.
  • Extremely user friendly approach that adjusts to the customer’s goals and needs rather than the other way round.
Continuous feedback and monitoring
  • We firmly believe that “What gets measured, gets done” and therefore focuses on continuous evaluation and feedback leading to quantifiable results.
  • Strong and unflinching towards data security and user privacy.

Our Philosophy in Action

24X7 access to top doctors

Teleconferencing and built in messaging means that your doctor is always one click away.

Diagnostic Tools

Built in diagnostic tools to help speedy and accurate identification of problem areas.

Exercise Library

An exercise library with more than 100 different exercises to choose from all accompanied with high quality video tutorial and an environment with built in timer and progress bar.

Customizable Plans

The perfect fit. Casamed’s algorithms identify your problem areas and deliver a custom tailored plan in a matter of seconds.

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