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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Data?

The term “Personal Data” according to global and local laws and regulations generally means any information  relating to an identified or identifiable person or persons. It includes your name, phone number, email address, health records and any other information that directly identifies you. It also includes information that might be able to identify a device you use like cookies.

What types of personal data does Casamed collect?

Casamed collects your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, etc,  if you  willingly provide it during the course of your interaction with Casamed’s services. If you choose to go through our screening processes like Smart Diagnostics, you may be required to provide details about your health information, the nature of which depends on the product/service you are using.

How is the information collected online used by Casamed?

Casamed may use your personal information to customize your experience, administer your account, share reminders, provide you with more relevant content and contact you about our products and services.

How does Casamed use my medical information?

Casamed guards your medical/health related information with utmost care and does not share your records with any third parties without your consent. Even while examining your case, Casamed first obtains your consent to share the information with a relevant doctor, PI or health consultant. Casamed strictly adheres to National Health Portal’s guidelines regarding data ownership of Electronic Health Records.

How does Casamed protect my privacy?

We at Casamed understand the importance of privacy and data security and strive constantly to provide the highest standards of security and give you the confidence that your data is in safe hands.When it comes to your data, you are in control. With industry grade firewalls, 256 bit encryption and intrusion detection systems your personal information is heavily guarded.

Learn more about how we protect your privacy and keep your data safe.

Does Casamed store my bank details while processing payments?

Casamed does not collect any sensitive information like passwords or PINs when you make payment for any of our services. Casamed uses globally trusted payment partner Razopay to process payments on our platform. Know more about Razorpay’s Privacy Policy.

How can I review or change my personal information?

If you have a Casamed account, you may review your personal information by visiting the Casamed mobile applications and accessing the “Profile menu”. You may edit your information or in case of any difficulty, please contact us at [email protected]

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