How exercise inhibits the spread of coronavirus infection

In 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic shook the world, infecting millions of people around the globe. As cases continue to rise around the world, a large number among us who suffered from this disease have begun their rehabilitation journey to a healthy life. This article aims to be an informative guide for those on their rehabilitation journey and an attempt to spread awareness about the various methods of physiotherapy that have shown positive results for those on the road to recovery.

Kindly note that all information and advice in this article is for educational purposes only. The advice given in this article comes from rigorous consultation with experts. However, kindly consult your doctor before starting to act on the advice/information from this article.

With some severe cases of Covid-19 putting a lot of recovering patients at risk of long term disability, physiotherapy plays a vital role in rehabilitation journey. Symptoms such as pain, weakness, numbness or even loss of functions that have been observed in recovering patients can be managed by starting physiotherapy treatment at an early stage. The key here is early diagnosis and good exercise regime. To get an exercise plan you can consult a doctor or a physiotherapist or try a digital physiotherapy platform like Casamed, which guides you from diagnosis to plan creation from the safety of your home.

Even if you have been infected with Covid 19, exercise plays a special role towards your well-being by improving immunity and blood circulation along with having a significant positive impact on your mental health, which amidst all the lockdowns and panic takes a heavy toll. For people with comorbidities (like diabetes) it’s very important to manage those comorbidities with a healthy diet and exercise, to reduce the chances of infection.

Coming back to post covid rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation plays a very critical role on the journey to recovery. Consult a doctor at once if you are having trouble breathing. Problems with breathing are the most commonly observed post covid symptoms among recovering patients with many likely at risk of long term respiratory disorders. To avoid this, pulmonary rehabilitation programs start by managing symptoms like shortness of breath and go on to deliver full scale recovery and restoration of health. Simple breathing exercises instituted as a part of a home based PR program or trying traditional yoga for breathing has shown great results among recovering patients. Start with 5 min per day of simple breathing exercises and remember to take it easy. 

In these trying times, it is important to make self care your number one priority. Do remember that positive attitude and a healthy outlook will be your best assets on this journey to recovery. Take necessary precautions and stay safe. We are always here to help.

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