Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with many services, including physiotherapy centers, near or far, either shut or operating at half capacity due to nationwide lockdown, Sahika Healthcare Private Limited launched CASAMED, an online pain management platform.  

For patients struggling with chronic or acute pain such as arthritis, knee pain, frozen shoulder, back pain, neck paintennis elbow, or sports injuries in the ankle, wrist, hand, or any other body part, the app helps you self-diagnose your pain and recommends physiotherapy plans for faster pain relief.

You may also book expert medical consultations from top doctors and physiotherapists online or order physiotherapy at home by contacting the number given on the website. Your physio and doctor assigned for your care would advise on your ailment and also accompany you on the journey of pain recovery.

Casamed mobile app is available on both android and iOS platforms with a user-friendly interface for people in the age group of 18 – 80. You may also, request a demo through the website and adopt a scientific approach to healing your muscles and joints.

With a robust exercise database build by expert medical professionals and physiotherapy plans for diverse ailments, Casamed aims to help people suffering from different types of mobility-related disorders.

The app also features a performance monitoring dashboard that you may refer to for measuring the improvement in joint mobility over time. You may also share this dashboard with Your Physio and doctors for remote monitoring and assistance.

With such features and services, Casamed is on a mission to help people become independent and lead a pain-free life full of vigour.

“Online Physiotherapy mobile app Launch”