Physiotherapy for Back Pain

The standard of living, as well as the general outlook of individuals’ mental and physical quality of life, has taken a turn for the worse, declining at an exponentially increasing rate as a result of current western lifestyle choices that we want to make today. An especially strong example of this is the rise in the number of people with modest to severe cases of joint pain that concern people of all ages and backgrounds, with long standing back pain being one of those most common and severe medical conditions.

Back pain may range anywhere from a dull ache in the muscles to a firing, burning, or slicing pain. Furthermore, lower back pain in many cases may radiate down your leg or escalate when you bend, twist, raise, stand, or move. Such pain usually has been observed to stem from muscle and ligament straining, ruptured disks, arthritis, long work hours, injuries from contact sports or accident and so much more.

As a result, the peaking of need and want of physiotherapy for back pain comes as no surprise to anyone. Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is a form of medical treatment aimed at assisting patients in regaining, maintaining, and improving their movement, work, and general wellbeing. Physical therapy uses a variety of methods to significantly improve and meet the aforementioned targets, including physical rehabilitation, accident prevention, a healthier diet, a healthy lifestyle, and protection.

In most cases, our physiotherapy for lower back pain starts with a careful analysis of the medical facts, followed by the patient’s prognosis and treatment. The care plan also includes several different, but related elements such as home remedies, medicines, single consultancy, etc.

All in all, our aim at Casamed is to provide the highest quality of treatment, while minimizing the discomfort and pain for all our valued patients.

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